Wednesday, December 14, 2005

People take far too much pride in themselves. So much so infact, that they are insulted at any insinuation of imperfection or insult. They react as if to say "How DARE you insult ME!!! I'm KING of the GODDAMNED Universe!!". It really chaffes me when people get upset that I have to ask for ID to confirm their credit card trasaction. Most of the time the people that are upset have a legit card...which is I guess why they're upset...because how DARE I insinuate the implication of a notion that THEY might be doing something illegal. Then there are those who won't stand for being "dissrespected", and they're usually the first to act like assholes towards other people. Let it go people, if someone has to check up on something...roll with it; if someone insults you, laugh it off, it's not worth anything more than that.

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