Friday, December 03, 2004

Bill Murray, Why?

What a boring uneventful week it has been. It has gotten much colder, as it usually does this time of year. I already tire of it. Especially since I have deliver pizzas in it. I really don't mind the pizza delivery, I make enough money to survive.

I've been in a creative slump lately, all of my work spaces are a mess, which usually adds that. I can't concentrate when there's just shit every-which-where. I started writing this story. Problem is my idea for this story keeps changing. I need to devide these ideas into seperate stories I think. Or maybe start a blog writing just one chapter at a time. That might be cool.

The Garfield movie really is some kind of horrible peice of shit. Bill Murray should be ashamed of himself. He did pretty well with Lost in Translation, so I can't imagine he needed the paycheck. Shame on you Bill...after What About Bob, a comedic masterpeice, you lower yourself to playing a cheeply animated talking cat. I wonder if big movie stars even read scripts before they sign contracts anymore.

I just read this article that said some Greek Lawyers are mad that part of the Alexander movie suggests that he may have been bisexual. They're trying to block the release in in Greece. I find it terribly amusing that they're so upset about it. I wonder if anyone would be upset if they made a move where christopher colombus was gay. On that thought, why are they so upset that a war-mongering tyrant may have been bisexual? Alexander the "Great"? He slaughtered hundreds of thousands if not millions of people in is quest to conquer the globe. Oh well, those lawyers are probably closet homosexuals themselves.

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