Thursday, June 19, 2003

You feel certain things. Doesn't matter what they are always, but they're there. Really being able to see a person is like looking at one of those 3D magic eye pictures, you have to relax your eyes to see the real picture; otherwise it's just a scrambled mess. You let go, and just let these things come at you, and let these things happen to you. It almost doesn't matter what the outcome is, what's important is the feeling. It feels like breathing. Simple as that I guess. breathing...

The sun peaks through the trees and shines off the pavement. It's like that Adam F song "circles"...ever hear it? Things happen in slow motion, but it a good way. Everything echos and sustains. Everything is a living thing, not just the people, animals and plants. Everything is like a melody, a song. Every touch becomes signifant. The sweat on your forehead, the bark of a tree, the rough texture of an icecream cone. A dizzy dream.

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